Vistas da Cidade | Views of the City

A piece where images of a city are taken as attempts of representation and understanding – a partial sum of impressions of a visitor, that while talking about the view talks, in fact, about himself.
Casa d’Os Dias da Água | Lisbon 2005

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script Cão Solteiro and Nuno Carinhas
direction and set design Nuno Carinhas
texts and poems Ana Hatherly . Georges Perec . Italo Calvino .  Le Corbusier . Ruy Belo
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
lighting design Fiorello La Guardia
photography Susana Paiva
graphic design Paulo Reis
production Tiago Neves

paintings Giam Paolo Urgeghe and Sá Nogueira

actors Marcello Urgeghe . Martim Pedroso . Paula Sá Nogueira

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