Play, The Film

Cão Solteiro & André Godinho

Co-created with film maker André Godinho, the piece stages the dubbing of the film “The Great Gabbo” (1929) by James Cruze and all the incidents that take place during that process. The dialogues are built with lyrics from different portuguese and international well-known songs.

“I know it’s tempting to call me a sad clown.

‘Cause my mouth tells jokes but my fingers make sad sounds.”

Festival Temps d’Images I Teatro Camões | Lisbon 2011

Other presentations:

Teatro Camões | Lisbon 2012

Teatro Viriato | Viseu 2012

Teatro Gil Vicente | Coimbra 2012

Cine-teatro de Estarreja | Estarreja 2012

PT13 | Montemor-o-Novo 2013

Estar em Casa, São Luiz Teatro Municipal | Lisbon 2016

23 Milhas, Casa da Cultura | Ílhavo 2018

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script Cão Solteiro and André Godinho

costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira

big hat Nuno Tomaz

sound design André Branco

lighting design Jochen Pasternacki

photography Alípio Padilha

production and photography Joana Dilão


André Godinho / Frank

Joana Manuel / Mary

Nöelle George / Babe

Paula Sá Nogueira / Otto

Paulo Lages / Gabbo

Michelle D’Orleans / Good old days dancer

António Gouveia . Raimundo Cosme / The man in charge

special appearance:

Cais do Sodré Cabaret / a blast from the past

a co-production with Festival Temps D’Images

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