Missing Yevonde

A piece presented on site, that brings to life characters from the paintings that integrate the exhibition My Choice – a selection of the British Council Collection made by Paula Rego.

“We are awake in a place where humans die
What are you looking at?”

Casa das Histórias | Museum Paula Rego | Cascais 2011
Other presentations:
EDP Foundation | Porto 2011
Casa das Caldeiras | Coimbra 2012

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created by:
Joana Dilão . João Cabral . Mariana Sá Nogueira . Miguel Morazo . Nöelle Georg . Nuno Tomaz .  Paula Sá Nogueira . Paulo Lages . Raimundo Cosme . Raquel Dias

a co-production with Casa das Histórias – Museu Paula Rego and Fundação EDP

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