Mise en Abyme

Cão Solteiro & Vasco Araújo

We started with a text by José Maria Vieira Mendes, used by Vasco Araújo as a base for the construction of one of the pieces that integrated his exhibition “Morte Del Desiderio”, at the Francisco Fino Gallery, in Lisbon, 2018. The concept of mise en abyme begins by being applied with the use of the same text, which serves here the dramaturgy of the spectacle, bringing with it the memory of another piece or movie. It is also important here that the text belongs to the universe of plastic arts, since this is an object of a recurrent analysis of the Single Dog in several contexts. On its construction, writes Vieira Mendes: “There is an idea of ​​desire that is based on certainty in the future. That is, when I chase the desire, I try to satisfy or fulfill anything in the future (near or far).
This thing I pursue is established in the present. This means looking at the future as concretization of a thought of the present. It is an idea of ​​the future that is not available for the unforeseen. The text I have constructed, a cinematographic argument, is an attempt to find another idea of ​​desire and relationship with the future, to make the more willing subjects for the unexpected. This corresponds to a subject, as well as a will (desire) to live the future that comes as a gift in construction. And the construction will always be incomplete because in the meantime the present passed on.”
São Luiz Teatro Municipal | Lisbon 2019

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script Cão Solteiro and Vasco Araújo

text José Maria Vieira Mendes
set design Vasco Araújo
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
lighting design Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
sound design Emídio Buchinho
sculpture / head Rui Vasquez
sewing Aldina Jesus, Rosario Balbi and Teresa Louro
costume design support Inês Ariana
costume design support (painting) Nuno Tomaz
set design support Daniela Cardante

text (programme) Pedro Faro

production and photography Joana Dilão
actors Ana Libório, Diogo Bento, Patrícia Silva, Paula Sá Nogueira, Raimundo Cosme, Sofia Freitas Abreu, Sónia Baptista and Vasco Araújo
bird Queimada | Falcoaria Cetraria
voice-off André Godinho and José Maria Mendes

a co-production with Maria Matos Teatro Municipal – Temporada 2017/18 e São Luiz Teatro Municipal

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