Isto é uma Tragédia | This is a Tragedy

Cão Solteiro & Vasco Araújo

According to some people, human existence and human relations can be described as a failure, in which we fail to acknowledge each other, in which we seem to be insufficient and lonely. In the face of all of this, these people claim, silence seems to be the best way to describe existence.
This is a Tragedy chooses another viewpoint. In this performance, we consider that, given the impossibility of understanding others perfectly, we should give up and talk, that we should talk incessantly, without stopping. Nothing remains.
Maria Matos Teatro Municipal | Lisbon 2016

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script Cão Solteiro and Vasco Araújo in collaboration with José Maria Vieira Mendes
set design Vasco Araújo
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
lighting design Daniel Worm
sound design Emídio Buchinho
production and photography Joana Dilão
texts (programme) Maria Sequeira Mendes . Nuno Fonseca

actors Patrícia da Silva . Paula Sá Nogueira . Raimundo Cosme . Sónia Baptista . Vasco Araújo

a co-production with Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

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