Histórias Misóginas | Misogynist Tales

Displayed as in a cafe-concert, the audience shares (and drinks) the intimate space of men and women involved in dangerous relationships using Patricia Highsmith’s view on the female behaviour and interaction with society.
Armazém do Ferro | Lisbon 2002

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script Cão Solteiro
direction and set design Nuno Carinhas
texts Patricia Highsmith (“Little Tales of Misoginy”)
adaptation and translation Ana Carina Reis
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
make up design Filipe Franco
original music score Victor Rua
live piano player Giorgios Anamateros
light design Carlos Assis
photography Susana Paiva
graphic design Paulo Reis

actors Julien Moine . Marcello Urgeghe . Paula Sá Nogueira . Paulo Lages . Victor Gonçalves

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