Day for Night

Cão Solteiro & André Godinho

A piece where the staged is transformed into a film studio, and where film and theatre territories merge.
The action takes place during the shooting of the short film Fim da Fita (End of the Reel) later exhibited.

Culturgest | Lisbon 2014
Other presentations (film):
Fim Da Fita | Festival Temps D’Images . Cinema Ideal | Lisbon 2014


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script  Cão Solteiro and André Godinho
set design Ana Francisca Amaral
photographic image onstage Daniel Malhão (“S/ título”,2001)
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
lighting design Pedro Pinho
hair and make-up design Alda Salavisa
production and photography Joana Dilão

texts (programme) Francisco Valente .  Maria Sequeira Mendes . Nuno Fonseca

actors and film crew onstage Ana Francisca Amaral . set decorator | António Gouveia . machinist | André Godinho . director | Bernardo Apelido . production assistant | Cátia Tomé . “Girl” | Cecília Henriques . make-up artist | Hugo Azevedo . image assistant | Luís Magalhães . “Man” |  Lydie Barbara . assistant  to the director | Margarida Leitão . script supervisor | Mariana Sá Nogueira . costume designer | Nuno Morão . sound director | Paula Sá Nogueira . “Paula” | Pedro Pinho . director of photography | Raimundo Cosme . location assistant

a co-production with Culturgest

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