Casa Cena | Cena House

A piece evolving around a table that the audience shares with the actors for a plate of spaghetti al aglio cooked by a set of artists (actors, designers, musicians). The atmosphere is that of a morrocan bazar with lose scenes being performed, and texts read.
The piece was presented originally at a vacant house in Lisbon’s historical centre
Rua do Crucifixo . Vacant house | Lisbon 2006

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Nuno Carinhas & Sara Carinhas . Miguel Bonneville . Nuno Tomaz . Rogério Nuno Costa & Teatro Praga . Kalaf

script Cão Solteiro and Nuno Carinhas
direction and set design Nuno Carinhas
costume design Mariana Sá Nogueira
texts Clarrisse Lispector . Franz Kafka . Harold Pinter . Luiz Pacheco . Mário de Cezarinny . Samuel Beckett . Sarah Moon . Wallace Shawn
lighting design José Manuel Rodrigues
props Nuno Tomaz
photography Susana Paiva
graphic design Paulo Reis
production Tiago Neves

actors Ana Ribeiro . Manuela Correia . Marcello Urgeghe . Martim Pedroso . Miguel Loureiro . Paula Sá Nogueira

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